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Online Store Now Open!

Here at HP Heaven -known as HorsePower Heaven and High Performance Heaven- we are performance enthusiasts. Whether it be an exhaust upgrade,a full blown dyno warrior, the ultimate drag weapon and everything in between. This site is currently under development but when its fully up and running we hope it to be the one stop place for all other like-minded performance enthusiasts.

Motorsport Event Photos Here!

We have dyno/Dynamometers records and will be having a drag records area as well as having quality performance parts available through our secure online store.  See photos from Summernats, Heathcote, WISD, Autosalons, BDRC, Sports Compact, Powercruise, Calder and much more.

Performance Parts Here!

The aim of this site is more to do with the performance and go fast parts of peoples' cars. So it won't matter how shabby something is, if its been well thought out and well engineered you are in the right place.

Along with this we have a Motorsport Events Calendar and regular motorsport event videos and motorsport event pictures downloads available to everyone from the latest car shows, drags and street meets.

Our first feature car is going to be Luke Amanatidis’ “QIKINK” holden/isuzu V6 rodeo which was been built with the extensive help and knowledge from all the team at Dynomotive.

As Luke quickly came to realize, making extensive power from an engine such as the 6VD1 or 6VE1 is not an easy task when nobody before you has taken the challenge. He basically had to be the guinea pig and break a lot of parts to find the weaknesses before getting it all sorted out. And with the power he is making repeatedly he has obviously found the right combinations. Basically anyone who would be in need of 6VD1 performance parts or 6VE1 performance parts from the bolt on gear like high flow exhaust systems, bolt on turbo kits to full engine rebuilds should contact Dynomotive or send us an email and we can get back to you.

Don’t want to spill all the beans now, but how does over 800rwkw from a 3.2 litre Isuzu 6VD1 engine sound? Oh, and by the time we get it up on here it will have been fitted with a larger turbo than before the Wolf V500 ecu and will be given a hint of nitrous. So lets hope all goes well for Luke and the team from Wolf and Dynomotive.

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